PR Photo Group


- Who We Are -

PR Photo Group is a collaborative  of three distinct photographers who all have a passion for their work. This diversity allows us to offer a broad spectrum of photography options and packages. From event and lifestyle photography to interior design and architecture, and everything in between, we have your photography needs covered. We thank you for visiting our site!

Stephen Allard

While he has clients ranging from architectural - including interior design, building, and landscape architecture, and five star hotels and a photography career spanning more than 20 years, Stephen has maintained an enthusiasm and passion for his work. His unique photography style showcases polish and prestige. 

Like a craftsman of old, Stephen continues to polish his craft and push himself with every project he works on.


John Cameron

Building on his background in marketing and web design, John has an unbridled passion for all things photography. He is always looking for the latest cutting-edge technique to expand his range and dexterity. Specializing in landscape, product, and automotive photography, his focus on color and lighting allows him to capture important details and bring them to the forefront of any photo.